“Water is a matter of life.It’s matrix, mother and all means.There is no life without water.”(Albert Szent-Gyorgyi)

Safe water’s accessibility has always been represented as a esencial parameter to chose from a ideal place to construct any type of settlement and historically, all civilisations have  searched the closeness to lakes and all other water kind of flows.


That is the reason why Relash Lab lays it’s place and home in the city of Granada, a blesses city for it’s water, inimitable product of Sierra Nevada. This water, apart from being born in a 3500 metres high altitude, travels it’s way through the rocky massif – totally free from the man’s contact and contamination. 


The origin of Granada’s water is a unique place, source of pureness.


In 1986, Unesco declared the Sierra Nevada Natural Park a biosphere reserve thanks to it’s exclusive qualities. 


Water is a essential condition for all the life of all beings and is a place where life itself has been generated, therefore water is the essence of hydroponics. 


Relash Lab’s searchers traced immediately the water’s value for the plants life, using then a cultivation technique to produce premium cannabis flowers with the aim of optimising the intrinsec potential that water has as well as it’s own components.