Terra Aquatica

Our collaboration with Terra Aquatica

Relash Lab’s Team is proud to announce its collaboration with the French company Terra Aquatica (Ex Ghe). Its main purpose of this professional relation is to improve our work as well as to amplify our knowledge confirming ourselves as a reference point in the legal cannabis market.

Why Terra Aquatica?

Terra Aquatica was born in 2017, the year in which the European part of the company, meaning, General Hydroponics Europe, led by William Texier, separates itself from General Hydroponics since its acquisition from an American multinational.

The objective of Terra Aquatica is to maintain the same humanity that has always characterised itself without falling in mere business mechanisms, offering high quality products and an efficient service at the same time close to its clients’ necessities.

This company is distinguished by being a pioneer in development and implementing hydroponic cultivation services and technologies and also by the propensity to offer organic and natural products which respect the environment.

Here lies Relash Lab’s decision to start a collaboration with Terra Aquatica after installing their systems and utilising their fertilisers, checking this way, its high quality.

Through this professional relation, Relash Lab then achieves to backup experience and knowledge in what respects legal cannabis with the support of a team of professionals and experts in the scope of hydroponic cultivation.

What we propose as a company is to undertake a greener and more respectful way to the now and the future ahead of us, not only for us but also for the planet.

An ever-evolving improvement about us and our products is what also defines us.

We are convinced that, together with Terra Aquatica we will be able to overcome any presentable challenges, forever offering our quality which has distinguished us and still do within the cannabis market.

To be a better world and future always,

Relash Lab & Terra Aquatica