The evolution of agriculture.

With the term of hydroponic cannabis, it can be understood then the production of cannabis plants cultivated with the use of hydroponic systems, without the soil’s use.

The advantages of hydroponic cultivations are well-known nowadays; it represents the true revolution in agriculture and also the most ecologic form of cultivation.


Apart from the essential importance of the water, the reasons why Relash Lab has decided to use hydroponic techniques can be divided in two different groups: the ecologic and practical reasons.

The most relevant ecologic reasons are:

  • Saving of water
  • To suppress the necessity of pesticides (thankfully to a healthier and faster growing phase of the plants)
  • No more damages to the ecosystem caused by the pillaging of forests to produce bags of soil, all intented to the urban and extraurban cultivations. 

The most relevant practical reasons or the technical advantages more important are:

  • Nutrition control (constant and infallible control of quality and quantity of the nutrients of the plant, using pH and EC meters)
  • Optimization of the genetic plants’ potential
  • Healthier and vigorous plants
  • Fast growing of the mother plants which includes a bigger production of the cuttings
  • Roots accessibility
  • The use of inert substrates

This last advantage is one of the main reasons why Relash Lab has decided to use this hydroponic technique. The use of inert substrates have the intrinsic quality to deny the link with fertilisers, letting it to dissolve completely in the aqueous solution, unlike to what happens with the use of soil where fertilisers create indissoluble links generating the impossibility of a depuration phase.