INDOOR cultivation: maximum control, zero pesticides.

Genetics selection and water’s quality are the base of every high quality agrarian product. The third prime element to guarantee a final unique product is the growing environment of the plants. In this case, Relash Lab has decided to let science reproduce a natural perfect environment all 365 days of the year, using a INDOOR cultivation style. 


Building growing and blooming isolated rooms from the external ambience, equipped with UHF lamps of 1000w which imitate the sun’s light, simulating the sunrise and sunset phases  thanks to a lighting variation of the spectrum. A group of special lamps connected serially work in simbiosis with a centralised system of air treatment, constantly controlled through temperature and humidity sensors. 


It’s a universal, unalterable and automatic control of the environment climate along all vital cycle of the plants life.


A perfect machine is guided by the quality responsable person of Relash Lab’s, who has 20 years experience in the field and who ensures a final premium quality product. The quality and hygiene controls are being checked and in order every day. Relash Lab is formed by a highly qualified team who guarantees and follows meticulously the production’s evolution day by day.


The man, as a natural force, get together with science to elevate nature -and in this case the plants- to a superior level.A innovate concept which fits perfectly with Relash Lab’s philosophy and in general with all hydroponic culture.