Selection and conservation of the genetic variety.

One of the key factors in the cannabis high-quality cultivation is to work with a geneticist of varieties. Relash Lab provides a recognised breeder, an ex judge of cannabis competitions at an international level, totally responsible of the genetics selection.


This is a system of genetic natural improvement which consists in selecting the best phenotypes of a genetic line. The decision of selecting phenotypes is not simple at all. The genetics selection can be done through professional cultivators whose can establish with their experience which phenotype embraces a significant genetic potential. The other selection technique, more scientific and safe is done in the laboratory through chromatography, which allows a qualitative and quantitative analysis of each one of the phenotype components. 


Relash Lab applies both techniques to conduct to a constant and progressive genetics selection along the past and future years. Putting together the experience of Relash Lab’s high qualified technicians to the infallible precision of the genetics analysis produced in the laboratory, the result is simply perfect. 

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