Our Flowers

What distinguishes our flowers is their high quality.

Our genetics are unique and exclusive: they are carefully selected for their organoleptic characteristics.

Our cultivation is 100% natural and organic.

We rely on the experience and professionalism of a team of experts whose job is to ensure that each flower is treated with the respect it deserves at every stage of the cultivation process.

Constant control and supervision allow our flowers to reach their full potential.

Our goal is that everyone can enjoy the best quality cannabis flowers with high CBD content.

The flowers in this category have been grown outdoors (Outdoor Organic), in the open air, using exclusively organic and biological fertilizers in complete respect of the environment.

These flowers have been grown in pots in our greenhouses with light support using exclusively organic and biological fertilizers in full respect of the environment. Within this line there are two cultivation methods in relation to the substrate used: on the one hand, Greenhouse Organic (organic substrate), and on the other hand, Greenhouse Super Soil (super soil substrate).

The flowers of this line have been cultivated in Indoor Hydroponics using exclusively inert substrates to guarantee a clean final product free of fertilizer residues thanks to the pre-harvest purification phase.

The flowers of our Reserva Privada line are cultivated indoors, in a totally controlled environment, using exclusively organic and biological fertilizers. These flowers are characterized by being very resinous, high quality index.

The products of this category are the result of the astonishing mixture of some of our carved varieties.

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