A new stage of plant’s life.

Hydroponics (from the greek hydor, water + ponos, work) is a cultivation technique which don’t need the use of soil. The roots grow in direct contact with the water – or more concretely – with a aqueous solution, compound with a selection of nutrients previously chosen in relation to all necessities of the plants in each phase of it’s development.


All this allows to actively interact with the quality and quantity of the nutrients in a water-root connection that isn’t affected by any extern agent. Unlike what happens with the traditional cultivation techniques, which uses soil as a work source. Supposedly, this is one of the evident limits that traditional technique brings with itself; soil interposes itself between water and root altering it’s connection. 

In fact, using soil as a substrate, it’s practically impossible to control all fertilisers’ quantity in relation with the plants. The biggest issue appears in the previous phase of the harvest, when the objetive is to clean all roots, removing any fertiliser concentration used along the phases of growing and blooming of the plants.


Having soil then as a work source have a impossible result of cleaning plants.


Nitrogen (N), phosphor (P), potassium (K) and more micro elements insolubly linked will contaminate the final product compromising the pureness of the flowers. 


In the other hand, with hydroponics technique and thanks to the use of inert substrates, all fertilisers are diluted in the water. This detail, apparently minor, allows to resolve the problem with the previous harvest phase because grants the possibility of changing the aqueous solution rich in fertiliser for a clean balanced water. Working like this, hydroponics techniques creates then a new life phase of the plants – the phase of depuration – which in some cases can long until 2 months according to the fertilisers concentration in relation with the plants along all phases of blooming and growing. 


The final result is a unique product that can achieve the maximum pureness totally free of mineral residues. Even though this is a process of a bigger cost of production because it extends the plants’ life and consequently increases the expenses of maintenance, Relash Lab has decided to tour this whole new way of producing plants, extending it’s powers to a new way of living and thinking to produce cannabis flowers in it’s maximum and best quality standards.