From the synergy of an expert team which gathers love for the plants, professionalism and business experience, Relash Lab® is born in Spain in the 2017.

Relash Lab is a set of people with one main and common aim: to become a world-wide trust-worthy point of reference in the production of hydroponic cannabis, offering to it's clients a safe, healthy and pure product.

The headquarters administration and also the production area are based in Granada, in the autonomous district of Andalucía, in the south of Spain. This city has been selected by Relash Lab’s team of researchers because of it’s exclusive and appreciated thin quality of the water, which characterises this Spanish province.


The water is produced directly from the limpid and unspoilt water sources from Sierra Nevada, a mountain range which reaches almost 3500 metres high – including the highest mountain peak from all the Iberian Peninsula, the Mulhacen (3478m).
A unique kind of water, an imprescindible element for the hydroponic cultivation which becomes a priority when the aim is to offer the most healthier, beneficial and tasty hydroponic cannabis available in the European market.


Following the actual legislation in force in the countries members of the European Union and with the authorisation of the local authority and
also under the supervision of Spanish armed forces, Relash Lab produces cannabis flowers rich in CBD, with THC<0,2% concentration and with a certificated and authorised standardisation of the genome.

Todos los productos Relash Lab® proceden de clones (esquejes) producidos en serie con una estandarización autorizada de 7 diferentes fenotipos (plantas madres) pertenecientes a la linea genética CS (Carmagnola Selezionata), previamente elegidos por sus calidades organolépticas únicas y estabilizadas.

La CS (Carmagnola Selezionata) pertenece a la lista de variedades de semillas de Cáñamo Industrial autorizadas por la Union Europea, con una trazabilidad genética certificada, conforme a las leyes vigentes.